We ship USPS Priority Mail which offers delivery in 1 - 3 days, depending on your location. Shipping is $7.90. 

We also ship USPS First Class for free.

We do not currently ship internationally, although we hope to in the future.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Our Navigator latitude longitude items are all made to order, so please allow approximately one week for production.

All other items ship in one to two business days.


Yes! Our products can be returned for refund, replacement or repair - your choice. Email us at for details on how to return. Items purchased through our retailers must be returned to the store.

Custom Navigator items are refundable for defects in workmanship only, however, we're always happy to repair for free!

Tell me a little about the Summer and Bosun sizing........

Our Summer Bracelets are one size fits most - about 7.5" - 8" long.

Our Bosun Bracelets are available in Small 7.5" (kids and petite women) Medium 8" (women) Large 8.5" (women and slender men) XL 9" (men). Bosun Bracelets are designed to fit more like a watch than a bracelet, with the shackle on top.

For reference, a small fits snugly on a 6.5" inch wrist. Wrist measurements should be taken just below the wrist bone. See photo for details.

Can you help me with the latitude longitude for my location?

Of course! We can also confirm your numbers, if you are not 100% confident. Email  the address of your desired location to and we'll get started!


We love our retail friends! Please drop us a line and tell us about yourself. We'll be happy to answer any questions and send you our line sheets. I'm sure we'll be very happy together!

Can I wear my jewelry in the water?

Our Summer and Bosun Bracelets are made from nylon cord. which is fine to wear in and around water. Your Summer Bracelet may shrink slightly and will conform to your wrist. If it feels too snug, gently stretch it a bit the next time it's wet. As with anything coming in contact with salt water, rinse with fresh water!

Care should be used when wearing sterling silver or gold fill in chlorinated water as this will cause discoloration that can be hard to remove.

Your Nylon Monkey Fist Earrings should not be worn in the water.

To prolong the life of your I Love You bracelets, avoid wearing them in the pool or ocean and limit exposure to lotions and soaps that can weaken your elastic over time. Should the worst happen, email us and we'll restring for you!

Your Captain's Cord items may tarnish with exposure to salt water, they can be cleaned with any metal cleaner marked safe for pewter.

May I order a custom size?

Yes! The majority of our products are handmade, so we can make any size that works for you. Please email us at for details.

How does the sliding knot on the my bracelet work?

The knots slide along the cord to adjust for a custom fit. If the knots feel stuck, a bit of lotion or soap on the cord should allow them to slide freely again

My cord broke!

Don't despair! Send it right back and we'll replace and return. Email us at info@patsykane for details.

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